Our Machinery

Since our inception more than 20 years ago, RR Engineering Ltd has been proud to utilise cutting-edge engineering machinery. By investing in the resources we use to fabricate metal, we’re able to ensure that each product is manufactured and finished to the highest possible standard.

CNC Cutting

Our Amada™ Promecam GS 840 features CNC control – meaning we’re equipped to provide clients with a design that is tailored entirely around their needs. This machine facilitates cutting of up to 4 metres in 8mm mild steel and aluminium, as well as 6mm in stainless steel.

CNC Punching

Your product is punched using a robust, purpose-built machine. The Amada Vipros 255 with CNC control guarantees excellent repeat-punching on up to 6mm mild steel and aluminium, as well as 3mm on stainless steel.

Laser Profiling

Our laser profiling services are carried out using a Mazak™ Nexus 3015 Fiber 4K with automation features. This machine handles sheet sizes of 3m x 1.5m. It also uses CNC control for unbeatable precision and is capable of profiling up to 20mm mild steel, 15mm stainless steel, 10mm aluminium and Brass or Copper up to 5mm.

CNC Bending

Thanks to our array of machinery, even the largest products are manufactured with ease. We provide bending facilities with CNC control with a capacity of up to 220 tonnes and 4 metres in length. The machines utilised include an Amada HFP 220-4, HFP 170-3, HFT 80-25, and a Guifil™ PE 25-60.

Notching, Rolling, and Swaging

We make use of an Euromac™ 220/6 R, which allows for variable-angle notching. Further, our SAF™ DS 60 adds rolling capabilities, permitting the inclusion of tube sections and angles. Finally, we utilise a CMZ™ swaging machine.

Contact our sheet metal fabricators today, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, for more details about the best-in-class machinery we utilise.